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Fifty percent of all profits from this bundle will go directly towards funding mission work, including hurricane rebuilds throughout the Gulf Coast. By purchasing this bundle, you are supporting small businesses that care about sustainability while helping generate additional funds and materials needed to complete Hurricane rebuild projects.


This bundle includes the following:

Laundry Stips

68 loads of laundry detergent strips - sensitive skin approved

  • Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, Travel Friendly, these stripes are 100% vegan, hypoallergenic, and contain no parabens or phosphates, making them gentle for any skin type. These Eco-Friendly Washing machine detergent sheets are free of chlorine bleach and added dyes that can damage fabric and clothing.


2 Compostable sponges

Sponges ship paper thin and, when wet, expand. Making them perfect for storing. They are also all-natural and will decompose on there over time.


4 Wool Dryer Balls

No choice of colors. They are all-natural alpaca colors (which range from beige/white, brown, fawn, grey, or black) Dryer balls are approximately 1 ounce in size. We recommend keeping 3 in the dryer to help clothes dry faster.

Wet felted from alpaca fiber. These dryer balls are great for the environment- have 2 or 3 in your dryer to replace dryer sheets, tennis balls, or plastic. Just leave them in the dryer. They may look "fuzzy", but this quickly disappears with use and does not affect the effectiveness. Also, they are slightly different sizes – due to the way that the fiber felts, this does not affect their usefulness! These are unscented, but some people add a drop or two of an essential oil – which lasts two or three loads. 


Shower Enhancer

Little Bull Falls Soap Works - These are fantastic for when you need to get up and seize the day! A great remedy for Monday mornings! A shower fizzy! Please note: Due to the handmade nature of these enhancers’ their appearance may vary slightly. Place the steamer in the corner of your shower out of the direct way of water, but where water still splashes it. Enjoy your therapeutic shower! Ingredients: Citric Acid, Corn Starch, Isopropyl Alcohol, Essential Oil to use: To use, place in a mesh bag or put on a shelf in your shower. Only let the spray/steam hit it & it will last up to 30 uses.


2 Handcrafted Soaps

These bars are all-natural handmade using all-natural ingredients. Most plants used in the soaps were grown by the soap maker herself. She handpicked, dried, and ground down the herbs to preserve the integrity of the botanicals. Only therapeutic-grade essential oils and 100% all-natural colorants (ground herbs, botanicals, and seeds) are used. All products are made carefully without using chemicals, synthetic materials, or petroleum. We are committed to providing natural, eco-friendly, and small-batch products.

**Soap bars are cut by hand; please allow difference in size


2 Bars Ecofriendly Dish Soap

An eco-friendly way of doing dishes that is zero waste and plastic free, that is why you’ll love our Natural Dish Soap bar. Gentle on the hands while being tough on grease. Coconut oil, together with lemon essential oils, makes cleaning dishes less of a chore. A great dish cleaner that can also be used for:
– spot treating stains on clothing (tested on a wedding dress)
– car washing
– de-greasing
– hand soap
To use, lather up a dishcloth, sponge, brush, or scrubby. Wash, rinse, and dry. A little goes a long way for squeaky, clean dishes.

Home Cleaning Bundle

SKU: 1005
Price Options
One-time purchase
Ultimate Cleaning
Subscribe and Support future Mission Trips
$95.00every 2 months until canceled
Ultimate Cleaning
Subscribe and Support our Future Mission Work
$95.00every 3 months until canceled
  • Products sold through this website are in support of fundraising future mission trips and rebuild projects. No refunds will be given on any products.

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