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Looking for fresh and sustainably grown food? Look no further than Badger State Farms, where our products are grown and harvested with care. Our 2024 Plant Food Shares are now available, along with other sustainable products not posted online. Simply email us at for more information and a PDF of our Food Share. Order today and experience the delicious taste of sustainable farming. Also check out our baby animal activities!

Who We Are

Badger State Farms is a family farm located in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. Our farm is home to milking goats, milking sheep, rabbits, chickens, ducks, turkeys, quail, and geese.  Our farm consists of 16 varieties of berry plants, 15 types of fruit trees, and a garden.  

The family business has a second location run out of Stratford, Wisconsin as well.  Items can be picked up from either location.  All healthcare and drywall services are based out of Stratford but can assist clients throughout Wisconsin.  

Our farm goal is to educate people about where their food comes from while helping underprivileged individuals within their country, community, and world. 


For the past ten years, Ashley has spent thousands of hours serving others throughout the globe; the intent is to positively impact our world, increase attendees' relationship with the Lord, and educate locals on long-term techniques to sustain these projects after missions are complete.  "One of the things I love the most is how these mission trips change attendees' perspectives on life and the future.  I hope one day the impact I have made will rub off on attendees, and they will create forever change within our world," says Ashley. 

Our online store has been created to raise funds for:

  • Agricultural educational and animal therapy activities on the farm

  • Mission Trip building and sustainability projects

In addition, we are currently in the process of raising $1,500 in funds for Kunda Village Kids Ministry in Rwanda. The money will go towards buying sewing machines that will allow the women to generate income which will create a self-sufficient way of paying for the children's food. Kunda Village Kids Ministry is an orphanage organization based in Burima in Gisenyi, Rwanda.  The organization's mission is to provide food, education, and support for orphans and children from financially and socially challenged backgrounds.  Currently, Kunda Village Ministry is providing support to more than 200 children.  

We will also be doing a mission trip to Kunda Village Kids Ministry in 2025.  If you are interested in joining please message us. The mission trip will include: 

  • Helping Build an agriculture shelter 

  • Assisting in gardening projects

  • Playing with Children

  • Genocide History

  • Safari 

  • A potential option to extend the stay and do a Gorilla Trekking Adventure may be available


Please message us directly if you would like to sponsor our mission.  We are not a 501c3 at the time due to the fees required which takes away from being able to fund our programs.  If you want to pay it forward and sponsor a group in need, gift cards for gas for people to attend, or want to donate items please ask.


We will also have an interactive free library very soon (puzzles, word search, farm magazines/books, sudoku, paper, markets, colored pencils, etc).  If you have items for that please drop off at the farm.

Other items we are in need of: 

Life size Sudoku

Corn Hole Game

Outdoor Seating Chairs 

Lamb Milk Replacer

Goat Milk Replacer

Fencing - 5-6 foot tall


Baby Chick Broader


Empty Egg Cartons

Canning or Syrup Jars (Pints, Quarts, Half Gallons)

2 Hammocks

Dixie Cups

 Baby Bottles

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