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Suggested Donations

$12 per person

$25 Group up to 4

$5 each additional person


***If you have a remaining payment due please pay in cash at time.


All sessions for May include playing with a variety of animals. We plan to have feed cups or lamb/goat bottles available for feedings as well.


Expected babies can vary but we expect: Goat Kids, Lambs, Bunnies, Chicks, Ducklings, Quail, Gooslings, and Turkey Poults


Expect to spend about an hour with babies.


Can pay in person and register via text as well 715-869-3223.  Please send me the time you plan to come via text  We have room for 2 Groups on the hour each hour if you group is large please let us know so we do not allow another group to come same time.    


In person suggested donation:

$10 person

$25 Group up to 4

$5 each additional person

May 12th - Sunday - Baby Animal Feeding and Play Sessions

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