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Preorder Coturnix Quail chicks for 2024.

We will be taking pre-orders for pickup with payments before call ins. Typically, we have quail year around for hatch requests.

When placing your order, please message if you want to try to plan for a certain month for pickup. We will try our best. We are a small family farm, and our animal health and safety is our number one goal.

All quail pickups are expected within 5 days of hatch notice. Any holds after a week would require an additional $1 per week for birds towards feed and care. This is only an option if agreed to ahead of time. We should have a good idea of when hatches will occur once the season starts and will stay in close contact with pre-orders through the process.

Pickups Wisconsin Rapids, Potentially Abbotsford, or Stratford. Unless we agree to a PK Swap pickup or another pickup as discussed during order.

Please message Ashley or Jesse at if you would like to place an order and have any questions or plan to do a deposit and cash remainder at pickup.

2024 Coturnix Quail Preorder - in person pickup

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